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7 Dangerous Brain Damaging Habits To Stop Immediately

welcome we are going to see the brain damage habits why is it so important to keep our brain healthy because the brain controls the whole body function if a person wants to stay healthy to think and make right decision a healthy brain is very important has anyone thought why playing games watching movie and travelling does not make his boring or tired and on the other hand why studying for exams and our work

make is tired and boring before we know the answer we need to know what is addiction addiction can be anything for example alcohol drugs playing games using telephone all the time social media and adult content these all the behaviors are kind of addiction there has been much research done to find out if a person is addicted to something or not they conducted mri scan research the mri scan is a magnetic

resonance imaging to find how our brains are processing in the scanned report they found all type of addiction damages brain function it especially affects the reward system in the brain the reward system in the brain produces dopamine so what is dopamine inside the brain when dopamine is released it creates a feeling of pleasure and reward which motivates us to repeat a specific behavior so let’s find out how people

get addicted because of dopamine when dopamine is produced in the brain it gives us a good feeling and when we get a good feeling the brain remembers that feeling and keep expecting and pushing us to do the same thing to get the same feeling that’s how people get addicted if you see a picture which is flashing on the screen when people do the addicted activity the reward system in the brain will be high and active

when the reward system in the brain will be high and active the dopamine will produce in large amount when dopamine produced constantly in large amount in the brain the brain gets adopted to stay active and interested only to their addicted activities and eventually all other activity will be boring and not interested for the brain also constant production of dopamine affects the prefrontal cortex in the brain the prefrontal

cortex makes person intelligent and controls the behavior the prefrontal cortex differentiate the human and animal behavior and also it affects the normal metabolic activity of the brain because of that we can’t concentrate and use full potential of the brain and constant production of dopamine creates coolidge effect this creates novelty for the brain all the time our brain always wants new and unusual thing every time to be short our brain satisfaction level will be high and we won’t be satisfied easily always our brain wants more and more within

the addicted activity this is why when people do the addicted activity they want more and more the consequence will be we won’t be interested in the normal activities and we can’t concentrate for example if we give an expensive gift to a person who is addicted for playing games it won’t make him happy or excited because his brains is addicted only for playing games which he constantly do so how can we repair or require this problem

the solution is dopamine detox we have to stop immediately doing the addicted activities and start concentrate on different activity and also another activity that can help us to recover is dopamine fasting so what is dopamine fasting people who are addicted for any type of addiction they have to completely avoid all the activity and make their brain tired and teach the brain when we won’t allow the brain to do the addicted

activity eventually the brain will start to get bored to the extreme level and make is to do the normal activity like reading books or working or any other normal activity when we do the dopamine fasting regularly the dopamine production in brain will stabilize and our brain will start function normally i hope you guys enjoyed this video thanks for watching please subscribe to my channel

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